Mahmoud Abbas

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Abbas, Mahmoud

(mäkhmo͞od` äbäs`, mämo͞od`), 1935–, Palestinian leader, also known as Abu Mazen. He was born in Saffed, Palestine (now in Israel), but his family fled during the 1948–49 Arab-Israeli conflict and lived in Syria. Educated at Damascus Univ. and Moscow Oriental College, Abbas helped found Al Fatah and held nonmilitary positions in the group under Yasir ArafatArafat, Yasir or Yasser
, 1929–2004, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the coordinating body for Palestinian organizations, and head of Al Fatah, the largest group in the PLO.
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. A Palestinian negotiator on the Oslo Accords and in subsequent talks with Israel, he became deputy chairman of the Palestine Liberation OrganizationPalestine Liberation Organization
(PLO), coordinating council for Palestinian organizations, founded (1964) by Egypt and the Arab League and initially controlled by Egypt.
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 (PLO) in 1996 and briefly served as Palestinian AuthorityPalestinian Authority
(PA) or Palestinian National Authority,
interim self-government body responsible for areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip under Palestinian control.
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 (PA) prime minister in 2003, resigning after clashing with Arafat over control of the security forces. Regarded as a pragmatist, Abbas has called for an end to armed struggle against Israel, saying that the Palestinians are outgunned and cannot win.

Abbas was chosen as PLO chairman and the leader of Al Fatah following Arafat's death in 2004, and was elected president of the PA in 2005. The 2006 election of a HamasHamas
[Arab., = zeal], Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement, a Palestinian Islamic fundamentalist organization that was founded in 1987 during the Intifada; it seeks to establish an Islamic state in Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip (the former
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 majority in the PA legislature led to a standoff between Abbas and the Hamas government over recognizing Israel and over control of the security forces, resulting in a government that was unable to function and tensions that at times erupted into fighting between Hamas and Al Fatah. In early 2007 both groups agreed to form a power-sharing government, but Abbas dissolved the government after Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip in June, 2007, and appointed an emergency government with no Hamas members. In 2009 Abbas indicated he would not seek a second term, but the PLO voted (2010) to extend his PA presidency indefinitely when it and Hamas could not agree on an election date. He was reelected as leader of Al Fatah in 2016, and reinforced his control of the PLO in 2018. Attempts since 2007 to establish a PLO-Hamas unity government have not been successful.

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It is a passing issue that can be resolved by dialogue, as President Abu Mazen said, and this is what we said to Prime Minister Hariri and the other Lebanese officials we met.
MP of the Arab project Ahmed al-Jarba confirmed that: "The movement of MPs before the meeting, adopted by some of MPs of Coalition of Iraqi Forces, to drop the candidate portfolio of the Ministry of Education and go to put forward another new candidate." Al-Jarba said in a statement to NINA: "The reconciliation meeting that brought together Halboussi and Abu Mazen yesterday, its objectives was to pass the candidate of the education portfolio, but that did not yield anything."/ End
Meanwhile, Uri Karsenbaum, member of the Jewish "Way of Life" organization, stated that "all politicians are pointing finger at Abu Mazen (Abbas) as the one who encourages killing, as well as the politicians of the Palestinian Authority.
Meanwhile, Uri Karsenbaum, member of the Jewish "Way of Life" organization, said, "All politicians are pointing finger at Abu Mazen (Abbas) as the one who encourages killing, as well as the politicians of the Palestinian Authority.
But he did make clear his view that Abbas, known by his nickname Abu Mazen, and his Palestinian Authority owe their very existence to Israel's protection, and directly benefit from the presence of Israeli troops.
REUTERS/Yves Herman CAIRO -- 13 April 2018: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen condemned the burning of the Aqraba mosque by Israeli settlers in the West Bank on Friday.
Abbas, also known by his kunya Abu Mazen, has held the Palestinian presidency since 2005.
Abbas, better known in Arab circles as Abu Mazen, considers himself a good friend of Syria, having spent his childhood and early teens there, where he studied at Damascus University.
It's true that there are a number of scenarios, but the most likely scenario to me is that anarchy will result from the lack of a clear successor to Abu Mazen, due to his unwillingness to hold elections for the presidency and the surplus of legal and illegal weapons in the PA's territory.
Before meeting with Arafat himself, we were asked to meet with Abu Mazen (as Abbas is called) and discuss our ideas, so as to present the leader with an agreed, detailed proposal.
Abu Mazen said at the end of the meeting that "the two country's stances on Arab causes are similar," the same source adds.
"Instead of choosing peace, Abu Mazen made a pact with a murderous terrorist organisation that calls for the destruction of Israel," it said, using Mr Abbas' nickname.