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Abu Musa,

island (2010 est. pop. 1,868), c. 4.6 sq mi (12 sq km), E Persian Gulf, disputed between Iran, who occupies it, and the United Arab Emirates. Strategically located near the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz (through which much of the world's oil supply is shipped), Abu Musa was under British control for most of the 20th cent. until 1971, when it was stipulated that Sharjah, a shiekdom that is now part of the United Arab Emirates, would control it. That same year, however, Iran, which had long claimed Abu Musa, seized it (along with Greater and Lesser TunbGreater and Lesser Tunb,
disputed islands, E Persian Gulf. Greater Tunb is approximately 6 sq mi (10 sq km) in area; Lesser Tunb, some 7 mi (11 km) to the west, about 1 sq mi (2 sq km).
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. A 1971 agreement granted shared sovereignty over Abu Musa to Iran and Sharjah, but Iran maintained significant control over the island. In 1992 Iran asserted full control over Abu Musa.
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Two gunboats rammed their yacht as they sailed from their home in Dubai to Abu Musa, an island claimed by Iran and the United Arab Emirates.
Bavand and Guive Mirfendereski, who dissect the hugely controversial Abu Musa and Tunb Islands disputes between Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
The Iranian foreign ministry spokesman once again stressed Iran's entitlement, as history shows, to govern the three islands of Abu Musa, the Greater Tunb and the Lesser Tunb, and dismissed the baseless allegations in the statement regarding the three islands as blatant interference in the Islamic Republic of Iran's sovereignty and a violation of international regulations.
A respected American publication reported last week that Iran and the UAE are secretly negotiating over the three disputed islands in the Persian Gulf and have agreed to the return of the two small islands to the UAE while talks continue over Abu Musa.
Maximum and minimum temperatures expected by the NCMS for today are: Abu Dhabi 45, 33 degrees Celsius; Dubai 44, 35; Sharjah 45, 33; Ajman 45, 32; Umm Al Qaiwain 44, 32; Ras Al Khaimah 45, 33; Fujairah 34, 30; Al Ain 45, 34; Liwa 46, 32; Ruwais 41, 32; Delma 41, 33, Al Sela'a 42, 32, Greater Tunb island 38, 32; Lesser Tunb island 38, 32; Abu Musa island 38, 32.
In a statement, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi said that the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to UAE's Abu Musa Island on April 11, stirred a state of tension.
MIRANSHAH , October 21, 2009 (Frontier Star): Al-Qaeda operative commander Abu Musa Al-Misri has been reported to been killed in Spalga village of North Waziristan here Wednesday in a Drone attack.
Gulf Cooperation Council secretary general Abdurrahman al-Attiyah eC[pounds sterling]strongly denounced IraneCOs opening of two administrative offices on Abu Musa island, which belongs to the UAE and is occupied by IraneC[yen], a GCC statement said.
Paul Balles says that Iran was "occupying" UAE islands Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa not attacking them.
produces 4,000 b/d of oil (from 5,000 b/d in 1H98), 10,000 b/d of condensate (down from 12,000 b/d) and 150 MCF/d of associated gas (up from 100 MCF/d in 1H98) from the offshore Mubarak field, near the disputed island of Abu Musa now controlled by Iran.
The dispute is over Abu Musa and Greater and Lesser Tunb, which currently gives Iran a presence on both sides of vital Gulf shipping and oil export lanes.
1) Although Perry did not specify the exact location of these troops or weapons, the Department of Defense previously noted that Iran has recently deployed military forces on Abu Musa, one of three islands in the Gulf claimed by both Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).