Abu Tammam

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Abu Tammam


Born about 796 in the village of Jasim, near Damascus; died 845. Arab poet and collector of ancient poetry. His divan of verses contains poetic cycles (elegiac, panegyric, satiric, ascetic). He assembled several collections of poems, including Kitab al-Khamasa—an anthology of the best verses from the pre-Islamic to the Abbasid periods. His small Khamsa and the collection Ikhtiyar al-shuara al-fukhul —selected qasidas of pre-Islamic and Islamic poets—are also preserved. His other works are known only by their titles.


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She has written several books, including Abu Tammam and the Poetics of the Abbasid Age.
She has written several books, including 'Abu Tammam and the Poetics of the Abbasid Age'.
Abu Tammam's Hamasa is special in that it is a great anthology by a great poet and there is no doubt that it is partly for that reason that it has received the most sophisticated analytical attention in modern scholarship (see, for instance, Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych, Abu Tammam and the Poetics of the 'Abbasid Age [Leiden: E.
Yesterday it was Abul Ala Al-Mrri, today it is Abu Tammam. They are against any sliver of light in this Arab tradition of ours.
A military source said that other units of the armed forces targeted hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist groups in Inkhel city and in the irrigation building in al-Mzairib town , killing and injuring a number of terrorists among them Yemeni terrorists nicknamed Abu Tammam and Abu Younis in addition to terrorists Salman Mohammad al-Tallawi, Qasem Mahmoud al-Ayish and Ali Mahmoud Eliyan.
captured the Byzantine city of Amorium, Abu Tammam praised him with a
The medieval Arab poet Abu Tammam represents a radical change in Arab poetics and his innovations preserve him as a contemporary in thought and orientation.
Abu Tammamin full Abu Tammam Habib ibn Aws (b.804, near Damascus [now in Syria]--d.
The Life and Times of Abu Tammam. Edited and translated by BEATRICE GRUENDLER.
She believes it is very important to make the link between the muhdathum, and the Arabic modernist project, to bring Abbasid poets such as Abu Tammam, Ibn al-Rumi, al-Huhturi, and certainly the later al-Mutanabbi into the discussion of Arabic poetry and its directions today.