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Bar-Hebraeus, Gregorius

Bar-Hebraeus, Gregorius (bär-hēbrēˈəs), 1226–86, Syrian scholar, bishop of the Jacobite Church. Partly Jewish in ancestry, his original name was Abu-al-Faraj. His most celebrated work is a chronicle in Syriac of the world from Adam down. His commentaries (in Arabic and Syriac) on Aristotle were widely known among Arabic-speaking scholars.
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Abu Al-Faraj


(pen name, Grigorii Ioann Bar-eb-Reii). Born 1226 in Malatya, Turkey; died June 30,1286, in Maraga, southern Azerbaijan. Syrian writer, scholar, and physician.

Born into the family of a physician, Abu al-Faraj was a leader of the Syrian Christian Monophysites and the author of works on medicine, astronomy, philosophy, theosophy, and rhetoric. His literary legacy is enormous. His most interesting work is entitled A Book of Entertaining Stories, in which sermons on humility, piety, and other Christian virtues are suddenly interrupted by caustic remarks about rulers and by anecdotes and stories of an atheistic nature. Abu al-Faraj severely criticized greed, envy, stupidity, and verbosity. He compiled a Syrian grammar, The Book of Rays, and wrote the three-part Universal History.


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Little is known about Abu al-Faraj 'Ali ibn al-Husayn ibn Hindu except that he seems to have been well known as a physician but more so as a poet, and that his son reported that he died in 1032/423.
Watt presents a critical edition of Aristotle's Book of Rhetoric at it appeared in the Cream of Wisdom by the 13th-century Syriac polymath Gregory Abu al-Faraj, commonly known as Bar Hebraeus, with English translation on facing pages.
Abu al-Faraj al-Isbahaniin full Abu al-Faraj `Ali ibn al-Husayn al-Qurashi al-Isbahani, also called al-Isfahani (b.

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