Abukov, Khalid Kuchukovich

Abukov, Khalid Kuchukovich


Born 1900, in the aul (mountain village) of Staraia Khumara, in present-day Karachaevo-Cherkess Autonomous Oblast; died 1937. Soviet Cherkess writer. Abukov is one of the founders of Soviet Cherkess literature. He began writing for the newspaper Cherkesskaia zhizn in 1924, contributing correspondence, notes, and sketches. His novel On the Shores of the Zelenchuk (1930) described the dissemination of revolutionary and socialist ideas in Cherkessia.


Inzhydzhiufem i dezh. [Cherkessk,] 1930.


Bekizova, L. A. Cherkesskaia sovetskaia literatura. [Stavropol’,] 1964.


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