Bella Savitsky Abzug

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Abzug, Bella Savitsky

(səvĭt`skē ăb`zo͝og), 1920–98, U.S. politician, b. New York City. A lawyer and a Democrat, she helped found Women Strike for Peace (1961) and the reformist New Democratic Coalition (1968). Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from New York in 1970, she was a leader of the House antiwar movement and a vigorous proponent of women's rights. In 1976 she lost a Senate primary to Daniel P. MoynihanMoynihan, Daniel Patrick
, 1927–2003, American sociologist and politician, b. Tulsa, Okla., grad. Tufts (B.A., 1948; M.A., 1949; Ph.D., 1961). Raised in a poor neighborhood of New York City, he became active in Democratic party politics in the 1950s.
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. In 1977 she retired from the House and lost the New York City mayoral primary to Edward I. KochKoch, Edward Irving
, 1924–2013, U.S. politician, mayor of New York City (1977–89), b. New York City. After receiving his law degree (New York Univ., 1948), he practiced as a lawyer, became active in reform Democratic politics, and later served on the New York city
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; she later was unsuccessful in her attempts to win a new House seat. Abzug also founded and headed the Women's Environment and Development Organization.


See her Bella! Ms. Abzug Goes to Washington (ed. by M. Ziegler, 1972) and Gender Gap 1984 (with M. Kelber, 1984); biography by L. R. Zarnow (2019).

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