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The temperature at which the transformation of ferrite to austenite is completed upon heating a steel.
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An audio format by Sonythe successor of AC2. AC3 is used for multi-channel audio for digital video.
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(Active Coding-3) Dolby's third digital audio coding technology based on a perceptual coding method. Introduced in 1991 initially for surround sound in theaters, AC-3 is more advanced than AC-2 and provides six channels of audio in less space than a two-channel stereo CD. AC-3 and "Dolby Digital" are synonymous. See Dolby Digital, AC-1 and AC-2.
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Optimum condition for producing activated carbon (AC3) from Moringa oleifera seed pod was activated at 800degC using ZnCl2 as activating agent resulting BET surface area 853.68 m2g-1 and pore diameter 2.13 nm.
The results obtained for the surface areas of the A[C.sub.s] are consistent with the previous statement, since they follow the order AC1 = 309 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC2 = 479 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC3 = 889 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC4 = 557 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC5 = 902 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC6 = 1715 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1].
Segundo Quaggio (2000) o evento era esperado pela serie de retencao de cations, que determina que o Ca e mais fortemente retido na matriz coloidal do solo do que o Mg; apesar disto, os [[IQ.sub.i]sub.i] para Ca variaram de 0,56 a 1,00 enquanto para o Mg apenas AC3 e AC7 apresentaram [IQ.sub.i] maiores que 0,90, sendo os menores [[IQ.sub.i]sub.i] de 0,033 para AC2 e AC6 devido ao aumento dos teores de Mg nas duas areas, passando de 0,59 na mata nativa para 1,60 cmol [dm.sup.-3].
An excellent evolution of the core AC gameplay, the parkour movement and combat systems feel re-energised in AC3.
The train will have a composition of 15 coaches, including eight-sleeper class, two AC3 and four AC2 and AC3 combine and a pantry car.
AC3 control allows programming of continuous variable high-speed rotation and indexing, which can be integrated to the machine control for automatic operation via M-Cede.
This includes important standards such as MPEG-1 or -2 audio, MP3, WMA, Dolby AC3, DVD-audio and others.
"The NSW Government believes the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (ac3) will generate benefits, not only for the NSW economy, but for the Asia Pacific region," said Minister Yeadon.
The Cornell Theory Center at Cornell University has established Advanced Cluster Computing Consortium (AC3) -- a research and IT service consortium for business, higher education, and government agencies interested in the effective planning, implementation and performance of commodity-based systems, software and tools.
Decoding is built into the step-up model for connection to a six-channel audio receiver for full AC3 or Dolby Pro Logic digital sound.