Academic Subject

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Subject, Academic


a system of knowledge and skills selected from a branch of learning, technology, art, or industry and studied at an educational institution.

The content of an academic subject is determined by the syllabus. The academic subjects taught at various types of general-education schools, the areas of specialization at specialized educational institutions, and the interrelationships and sequence of study are determined by the curriculum. There are two types of academic subjects. General-education subjects include those subjects that embody the principles of the various branches of learning and that are taught in all types of secondary schools, as well as the social sciences, foreign languages, higher mathematics, and physics, taught in the higher schools. Specialized academic subjects, on the other hand, train specialists. Other general-education academic subjects are those studied at technical educational institutions; they include hydraulics, resistance of materials, and machine parts.


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Specifically, the concern is that teacher preparation programs may insert in their curricula a few core academic subject courses and delete a few courses on pedagogy for students with learning disabilities.
The core academic subjects defined by NCLB are English, reading or language arts, math, science, history, civics and government, geography, economics, the arts and foreign language.
The primary product created by this project were Saturday and Afternoon Prep Academies, in which participating students, and parents would attend for tutorial assistance in academic subjects (mathematics, reading, writing, and science).
The core academic subjects as defined in NCLB, are language arts, math, foreign languages, history, science, civics/government, economics, and arts.
Her college presented her with the Ede and Ravenscroft award of pounds 1,000 for an outstanding contribution in an area outside her academic subject.
In addition, software home-use rights for teachers and project-based curriculum units to help with academic subject integration are included.
Appended are: Core Academic Subject Comparison; and Opportunities for Geography Educators (funding information).
It suggests that preparing social studies teachers to enact curricula is more than a matter of assuring that they have enough work in the traditional academic subject.
In exchange for administrative costs only, PTC is providing teacher training, software and classroom materials to middle and high schools worldwide that want to include technology as an academic subject.

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