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A data record containing an identification, a digital signature from a third party who is believed to be trustworthy, attesting to the authenticity of the identity, and an encryption key which provides a basis for two unknown entities to establish a shared encryption.



(1) A document attesting to some fact, such as the seaworthiness of a ship or an individual’s inoculations prior to travel abroad.

(2) The name of a special state loan bond, such as a certificate of a state workers’ savings bank issued in the USSR in 1927.

(3) An insurance certificate, a document outlining the conditions of an insurance agreement and taking the place of an insurance policy.

(4) In foreign trade, a certificate of quality, a document issued by competent authorities to certify the quality of merchandise. In the USSR certificates of quality are issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



(svidetel’stvo), in the USSR, a document that certifies some legal fact, for example, a birth or a divorce. The certificate attests only to legal facts that must be confirmed according to some law or juridical document. The form and requisites of the certificate are established by a special juridical document, and failure to observe them may lead to the legal invalidation of the certificate. The content of the certificate may be disputed only in court. In some cases, a certificate may have a special name, for example, diplom (certificate issued to the holder of an academic degree) or attestat dotsenta (attestation issued to the holder of the rank of docent).



(Russian udostoverenie), a document certifying specific facts or rights, for example, that travel is on official business or that the bearer holds the right to vote. Certificates are printed on standard forms, signed by authorized officials, and confirmed with a seal. Certain certificates require a photograph of the bearer. Soviet legislation (for example, art. 196 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR) establishes criminal responsibility for the forging of a certificate for the purpose of obtaining rights or a release from duties established by the government.

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Personal Photo Passport Copy Family Book Copy Emirates ID Copy Birth Certificate Academic Certificates Curriculum Vitae Language proficiency Certificates (TOEFL/IELTS), if available.
UNIC was also the first university to publish academic certificates on the blockchain, and to accept bitcoin for tuition.
The vice has led to a range of fraudulent documents, from fake currency notes and fake academic certificates and identification documents, which continue to pose a major regional security threat, disruption of government operations and a threat to genuine business operations.
King Salman bin Abdulaziz has expressed his interest in sciences and later, he received numerous honorary academic certificates and awards, including:
According to the MOU, the two sides work to provide training opportunities for each other in the educational institutions and universities and exchange of information in the field of assessment and accreditation of academic certificates and university degrees.
Accordingly, refugees are granted the opportunity to acquire academic certificates whether bachelor or master's degrees from well-recognized universities.
Then there were my academic certificates and degrees.
My passport, birth and academic certificates, gold worth Dhs10,000, furniture worth Dhs30,000, bridal shower gifts, and a lot of new clothes were destroyed.
Hassan bin Mohsen Al Shraiqi, the inspector general of Police and Customs handed over academic certificates to graduates and honoured instructors and trainers.
He went on to obtain academic certificates in roasting, which has now propelled him to success.
Today I carry 13 academic certificates, 8 masters, 3 bachelors, one doctorate and a vocational certificate.
Candidates were earlier told that it was imperative that they submit their academic certificates at the time of registration -- or face a test of their language skills.

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