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in the USSR a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the academies of sciences of the Union republics, and several branch academies. Full members of republic academies of sciences and several branch academies are given the title of the academy to which they belong-for example, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR or Academician of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Academicians are chosen by a general meeting of a given academy. The right to nominate candidates and full members to an academy is granted to scholarly institutions, social organizations, and individual scholars. The Academy of Sciences of the USSR has the ranks of honorary academician and foreign member; the academies of sciences of the Union republics have the rank of honorary member.

In prerevolutionary Russia the rank of academician was granted not only to full members of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences but also to the professors of the Military-Medical Academy and to member artists of the Academy of Arts. The rank of honorary academician was granted to writers chosen by the members of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences committee on belles-lettres.

The rank of academician also exists in several academies in socialist countries.

References in classic literature ?
These were all the verses that could be deciphered; the rest, the writing being worm-eaten, were handed over to one of the Academicians to make out their meaning conjecturally.
Academician Abdulmenaf Bexheti in an interview with Koha said that he sees the proposal for candidature for mayor from RDK as a possible announcement for returning to politics in the following period.
Academician Taki Fiti says that only large growth rates can bolster the Macedonian economy.
Under the terms of agreement, ICCR, in consultation with the university, shall appoint a suitable Indian academician to hold the chair for a period of six months.
Compellingly authored by anthropologist and academician Kathy-Lee Galvin, Forbidden Red: Widowhood In Urban Nepal, is an extensively researched investigative study of the plight of widows and their struggle to survive in the historical and modern constrictions of Nepali society.
NCKU President Michael Ming-Chiao Lai has personally invited top scholars, including Academician Paul Ching-Wu Chu of Academia Sinica, Academician Fan-Sen Wang of Academia Sinica, Director Maw-Kuen Wu of Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Academician Cheng-Wen Wu of Academia Sinica, Prof.
Astana hosted on January 16 a meeting of Kyrgyz Ambassador to Kazakhstan Esengul Omuraliyev with PhD Professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan Myrzatai Zholdasbekov, the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan said.
RDK officially supports the candidature of academician Abdulmenaf Bexheti for mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo.
QUETTA, March 07, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Pashtunkhwa Milli Awami Party, Academic Staff Association and Tareen Qaumi Movement on Tuesday called for safe and early recovery of Balochistan academician.
Did they not learn a lesson from the fate encountered by their Serbian colleagues, who served "the academician Milosevic" unreservedly and "in a scholarly manner", the author asks.