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Académie française:

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(L'Académie française), learned society of France. It is one of the five societies of the Institut de France. Development
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Académie Française


a French scholarly institution devoted to the study of language and literature and the establishment of linguistic and literary standards, especially through the creation of a dictionary of the French language (1694; 8th ed., 1931–35) and a grammar (1932); the academy also awards several literary prizes. The Académie Française is part of the Institut de France and comprises 40 members, known as the Immortals. Founded in 1635 on the initiative of Cardinal Richelieu, it was abolished by the National Convention in 1793 but was reestablished in 1803.

In the 17th century the academy sought to influence the development of literature, but during the 18th century, having become a purely honorary institution, its authority diminished. The academy is marked by traditionalism and a resistance to innovation.


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So much for the efficiency of the Academie Francaise.
Incorporated in 1635 by Richelieu in order to, in the words of Paul Pellisson, "nettoyer la langue des ordures qu'elle avait contractees," the Academie francaise was commissioned to monitor literary production and author a dictionary, plus volumes on grammar, rhetoric and poetics.
Deux historiens a l'Academie" sheds light on the complex character of Louis Duchesne, Bremond's predecessor at the Academie francaise, and more broadly on the condition of Catholic historians of the time, especially the constraints they experienced.
The speaker, a member of the Academie Francaise, moved the audience when he spoke of a Jewish girl who missed out on a golden opportunity to escape a concentration camp to remain near her parents.
Well, it's simple, secretary of the Academie Francaise Maurice Druon told the European Parliament this week: "The language of Montesquieu is unbeatable.
It's not the first time an institution has tried to maintain the integrity of its native tongue in our increasingly global world--the Academie Francaise has made efforts to prevent the influx of English words into the French language, with some success--but this may be the first time fines have been assessed on offenders
Les Bienveillantes, the debut novel from author Jonathan Littel, has been awarded the top literary prize of the Academie Francaise.
I've crashed weddings, funerals, high school reunions and the rules committee at the Academie francaise," reports one 30-something board crasher.
By contrast, the Academie Francaise struggles Canute-like to keep foreign terms from the Gallic tongue, expunging words like 'corner kick' from the French lexicon.
And that is why Baudelaire presented himself to the Academie Francaise.
Early scientific and scholarly publication was by a body usually under the patronage of royalty, aristocracy, church or state, such as the Academie Francaise, established in 1635, or the British Royal Society, which began publishing its Proceedings in the 17th century.
Refused election to the Academie francaise in 1958, he would eventually become a member a decade later, but he remained essentially an outsider in his country, increasingly embittered and ever ready to consider the 'Bucharest d'autrefois' as a kind of ideal, in his last years replaced only in part by Spain.
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