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Academy Edition


an especially carefully prepared edition, containing a scientifically researched text and its variants, accompanied by detailed explanatory notes and other reference material. Examples of academy editions are the most complete editions of the collected works of the classics of world literature, science, social thought—for example, the collected works of A. S. Pushkin in 16 volumes and 20 books, of M. V. Lomonosov in eight volumes, of I. P. Pavlov in six volumes, and so forth.

(2) Sometimes academy edition is used to refer to the editions of the Akademia Publishing House, which existed between 1922 and 1938, as well as to editions published by academies.

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The Academy Edition reproduces, for the first time, the full text of the original serial version of Rolf Boldrewood's Robbery Under Arms, which was initially published in the Sydney Mail between 1882 and 1883.
For instance, (AK 4: 227) refers to volume 4, page 227 in the German Academy edition.
(2) A colorful description of this process is provided in the first, abortive, Imperial Military Academy edition of his memoirs (see G.
The letters have been meticulously prepared and published over the last decade in Russia, Canada, and Germany under the editorship of Andrew Donskov (the only foreign scholar to sit on the editorial board of the new Academy edition of Tolstoy) and carefully translated at various stages by John Woodsworth.
Proceedings of the International Conference ICMaS 2004, Romanian Academy Edition, pp.
In fact, over time I bought and mailed him the entire Brokgauz encyclopedia and the huge Academy edition of Pushkin's works.
In terms of scope and detail, the Cambridge edition is unrivaled in any language, except for the authoritative Academy edition begun under the directorship of Wilhelm Dilthey in 1900, which, however, is still not completed and several volumes of which are in serious need of re-editing.
The impression of critical old-fashionedness is compounded by Spiegel's insistence on making reference to the edition of Dostoevskii's work published in the mid-1950s in preference to the now-standard Academy edition (1972-90).
The Academy edition proceeds chronologically in four parallel series: series 1 contains the works published by Fichte himself; series 2 contains unpublished works; series 3 contains the correspondence; and series 4 contains transcripts of Fichte's lectures from other hands.
xxii) giving the contents, status, dates, location in the Academy edition and in the present volume of all the known manuscripts or copies of notes from Kant's Metaphysics lectures is most helpful.
Cloth, $75.00--This volume presents, in English, selections from four sets of student notes taken during Kant's ethics courses from approximately 1762 through 1794 based on Gerhard Lehmann's edition of volume 27 of the Academy edition of Kants Gesammelte Schriften (Berlin, 1974-9).

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