Academy of Housing and Municipal Economy

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Academy of Housing and Municipal Economy


(AKKh) named for K. D. Pamfilov, a scientific and research center for housing and municipal economy. Founded in 1931, the academy is located in Moscow and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Economy of the RSFSR. In 1943 it was named the K. D. Pamfilov Academy of Housing and Municipal Economy, in honor of the Soviet party figure and statesman.

The basic tasks of the academy are (1) to work out problems in the development of housing and municipal economy in order to raise the productivity of labor in communal enterprises and reduce the cost of services to the population through extensive mechanization of work, automation of engineering processes, and improvements in the technology and the organizational and technical levels of the utilization of housing and the communal economy; and (2) to prepare highly skilled scientific personnel through postgraduate courses.

In 1969 the academy complex comprised 44 research laboratories in the following 11 scientific and research divisions: economics, residential and communal buildings, water supply and purification, automation and computer technology, urban transport, urban power engineering, urban sanitation, mechanization, protection of underground installations against corrosion, planting of greenery, and the laundry industry. It has three specialized research institutes: the Leningrad Institute, for the utilization and repair of the housing stock; the Rostov Institute, for communal services to the population of towns, settlements, and populated rural areas; and the Ural Institute in Sverdlovsk, for the improvement of engineering and sanitation in towns, settlements, and populated rural areas. It also has two design offices and four specialized experimental plants. The academy has been granted the right to confer the academic degree of Candidate of Technical or Economic Sciences and the Doctorate of Technical Sciences in water supply and sewage systems. It has the largest and most complete scientific and technical library in the USSR on matters of housing and communal economy and regularly publishes collections of scientific works.


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