Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

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Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic


the highest scientific institution of the Azerbaijan SSR. Started in 1945 as the Azerbaijan branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Located in Baku. As of 1969, there were 56 academicians and 43 corresponding members of the academy.

In the academy there are six departments and 21 research institutes. There is a-department of physicotechnical and mathematical sciences (research institutes: physics, mathematics and mechanics, cybernetics); a department of chemical sciences (research institutes: the Iu.G. Mamedaliev Institute of Petrochemical Processes, inorganic and physical chemistry, the chemistry of additives, theoretical problems of chemical technology); a department of earth sciences (research institutes: the I. M. Gubkin Institute of Geology, problems of deep oil and gas deposits, geography); a department of biological sciences (research institutes: the V. L. Komarov Institute of Botany, genetics and selection, zoology, soil science and agrochemistry, physiology); a department of social sciences (research institutes: history, the Nizami Institute of Literature and Language, economics, architecture and art, Near and Middle Eastern peoples, philosophy and law). There are also a department of medical sciences and a number of other scientific institutions: the Shemakhy Astrophysical Observatory, the Sector on Radiation Studies, the Botanical Garden, the Manuscript Stock of the Republic, the Azerbaijan Museum of History, the Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, and the Main Library (with more than one million items in stock in 1968).

Research is being done primarily in mathematics, hydrodynamics, mathematical physics, cybernetics, computer mathematics and computer technology; the physics of semiconductors; electrophysics; petroleum chemistry, petrochemical synthesis, the development of new progressive processing technology for oil and gas, the synthesis and development of technology for obtaining new monomers and polymers; the development of theoretical bases for petrochemical processing technology; investigation of the chemistry and geochemistry of the republic’s mineral resources and their use; synthesis of inorganic compounds; the structure and development of the earth’s crust, geology of petroleum and ore deposits and the scientific basis for predicting and developing deep and extra-deep oil and gas fields; the development of new methods for obtaining and utilizing growth substances, herbicides, and fertilizers (based on petroleum as a raw material); biological bases for the effective use of flora, fauna, and soils, increasing the productivity of the principal cultivated plants and farm animals, nerve and humoral mechanisms of biochemical shifts in human and animal organisms; problems of Marxist-Leninist philosophy and sociology; fundamental problems in developing the national economy of the republic; problems of the national government’s organization and law: history (particularly modern) of Azerbaijan, history of sociophilosophical concepts, literature and language of the Azerbaijani people; complex study of the sociopolitical and economic development and the philology of Near and Middle Eastern countries.

The academy publishes in Azerbaijani and Russian Izvestiia (Newsletter; since 1936), Doklady (Papers; since 1945), Azerbaijanskii khimicheskii zhurnal (Azerbaijan Chemical Journal; since 1959), transactions of the institutes, and other scientific literature and is preparing the Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia for publication.

The presidents of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR have been M. M. Mir-Kasimov (1945–47), Iu. G. Mamedaliev (1947–50), M. M. Aliev (1950–58), Iu. G. Mamedaliev (1958–61), Z. I. Khalilov (1961–67), R. G. Ismailov (1967–70), and G. M. Abdullaev (since 1970).


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