Academy of Sciences of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic

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Academy of Sciences of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic


the highest scientific institution of the Estonian SSR. Founded in 1946. Located in Tallin, with part of the scientific institution located in Tartu. In 1969 the membership of the academy included 21 academicians and 19 corresponding members.

The system of the academy incorporates three divisions and ten scientific research institutes: the division of physics and mathematical and engineering sciences, including the scientific research institutes of physics and astronomy, cybernetics, and thermophysics and electrophysics; the division of chemical, geological, and biological sciences, including the scientific research institutes of chemistry, experimental biology, geology, and zoology and botany; and the division of social sciences, including the scientific research institutes of economics, history, and language and literature. The academy also has several other scientific research institutions, such as the Tallin botanical gardens and experimental-technical facilities. A science library, which had more than 1.1 million library items in 1968, serves the academy.

The leading research trends include comprehensive utilization of slate and schist fuels; engineering cybernetics and instrument design; physics of ionic crystals; astrophysics; biostratigraphy; physics of the earth’s atmosphere; biological fundamentals of raising agricultural crop yields, the economics of the republic; and history, language, and literature of the Estonian people. The academy publishes Izvestiia in four series (in Estonian and Russian, since 1952), Sovetskoe finno-ugrovedenie (Soviet Finno-Ugric Studies, since 1965), and other periodicals, as well as the transactions of scientific institutions and societies. The Academy of Sciences participates in the preparation of the Estonian Soviet Encyclopedia.

Presidents of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian SSR have been Kh. Kh. Kruus (1946–50), I. G. Eikhfel’d (1950–68), and A. T. Veimer (since 1968).


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