Academy of Sciences of the Tadzhik Soviet Socialist Republic

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Academy of Sciences of the Tadzhik Soviet Socialist Republic


the highest educational institution of the Tadzhik SSR. Founded in 1951 on the basis of the Tadzhik branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR; located at Dushanbe. In 1969 the membership of the academy included one honorary academician, 22 academicians, and 19 corresponding members.

The academy incorporates three divisions and 12 scientific research institutes. These include the division of physical and mathematical and geological-chemical sciences (scientific research institutes—the S. U. Umarov Institute of Physics and Engineering, astrophysics, earthquake-proof construction and seismology, geology, chemistry); the division of biological sciences (scientific research institutes—botany, the E. N. Pavlovskii Institute of Zoology and Parasitology, plant physiology and biophysics, gastroenterology); and the division of social sciences (scientific research institutes—the A. Donish Institute of History, the A. Rudaki Institute of Language and Literature, economics). The academy also has several other scientific research institutions, such as departments of philosophy, oriental studies and literary heritage, a Pamir base, and a council on studies of productive forces. In 1969 the central scientific library contained 705,000 items.

The leading research trends are the theory of functions; theoretical physics; research on meteors and comets, regional and engineering seismology; tectonics; laws of formation and distribution of economic minerals; chemistry of rare metals; acetylene-based synthesis; chemistry of biologically active materials; photosynthesis; research on plant and animal resources; history of the Tadzhik people; and problems of Tadzhik linguistics and literary criticism. The academy has published Doklady since 1951 and Izvestiia of three divisions since 1960 in Tadzhik and Russian, and other periodicals as well as scientific works; it is also preparing the Tadzhik Soviet Encyclopedia for publication.

Presidents of the academy have been S. S. Aini (1951–54), S. U. Umarov (1954–64), and M. S. Asimov (since 1965).


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