Academy of Social Sciences Attached to the CPSU Central Committee AON

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Academy of Social Sciences Attached to the CPSU Central Committee (AON)


the highest Party educational establishment, which prepares theoretical workers for central Party institutions, central committees of the Communist parties of the Union republics, and raion and oblast committees of the CPSU; it also trains instructors for institutions of higher education and scientific workers for scientific research institutions and scientific journals. Founded on Aug. 2, 1946, it is located in Moscow. It trains specialists in the history of the CPSU, general problems of political economy, economics of industry, economics of agriculture, world economics, dialectical and historical materialism, the critique of contemporary bourgeois philosophy and sociology, scientific communism, the history of Soviet society, the history of the international communist workers’ and national liberation movement, and the study of literature, art, and journalism. In 1964 the Institute of Scientific Atheism attached to the academy was established. The entire educational and scientific training of graduate students is directed by the subdepartments of the academy. The graduate study program covers three years, toward the end of which graduate students defend dissertations for the academic degree of candidate of sciences. The subdepartments of the academy are empowered to award degrees of candidate of sciences, with the subsequent confirmation of the scientific council of the academy. The academy has specialized councils which accept for defense dissertations for the degree of doctor of sciences in social sciences. The academy is directed by a rector who is chairman of the academy’s scientific council.


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