Acadia University

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Acadia University,

at Wolfville, N.S., Canada; founded 1838; became Acadia Univ. 1891. It has faculties of arts, pure and applied sciences, management and education, and theology. Acadia Divinity College is associated with the university.
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It is proud of its "Acadia Advantage," emphasizing the use of IT in all undergraduate classes.
She also enjoys being a part of the university's Acadia Advantage program, in which students work with an integrated laptop computer system.
In April of 1999, the Acadia Advantage program was chosen from approximately 7,000 nominees to be included in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, and in the 2001 Maclean's annual universities issue, Acadia placed first in all four categories of the reputational survey.

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