Acadian cottage

Cajun cottage, Cajun cabin

Cajun cottage
A simple dwelling built by immigrants (Acadians) from the Maritime Provinces of Canada who, from about 1760 to 1790, settled largely in the bayou districts of southern Louisiana where their descendants are now usually referred to as Cajuns. In the early 1800s, the typical Cajun cottage was built on
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It should have made him feel that England's triumph and increased dominion could not compensate to mankind nor atone to Heaven for the ashes of a single Acadian cottage. But it is not thus that statesmen and warriors moralize.
It should have made him feel, that England's triumph, and increased dominion, could not compensate to mankind, nor atone to heaven, for the ashes of a single Acadian cottage" (128).
He synthesized the classic Acadian cottage (raised front porch, exterior stairs, courtyards, and French doors) with Creole-influenced elements such as full-length shutters.