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, common name for a member of the Acanthaceae, a family of chiefly perennial herbs and shrubs, mostly native to the tropics. A few members of the family, many of which have decorative spiny leaves, are cultivated as ornamentals—especially the Mediterranean
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You will also find Acanthus mollis 'Holland's Gold' in this catalog.
Acanthus mollis, which grows glossy foliage up to 90cm (3ft) long and produces numerous spikes 1.
HERBACEOUS: Acanthus mollis, Acanthus spinosus, Ajuga reptans, Alchemilla mollis, Aquilegia vulgaris, Astilbe.
Working in a talent hothouse clearly fires up Sue's gardening imagination and the result is a relaxed planting style billowing with scented geraniums, apricot foxgloves, soft pink and white bedding and waves of movement created by fennel and acanthus mollis.
Q: Last year, I had only one round of blooms from my Acanthus mollis and they were so slow about regenerating their leaves I thought they were goners.
Acanthus mollis, aloes, barberry, breath of heaven (Diosma ericoides), ferns, heavenly bamboo, helichrysum, hellebores, lamb's ears, Leptospermum, and rosemary.
helix make excellent water music, as do the large leaves of Acanthus mollis and hostas like H.