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A Cappella


polyphonic singing, primarily choral, without instrumental accompaniment. It is widely used in folk music.

A cappella choir singing took definite shape in religious polyphony during the late Middle Ages, flowered in the work of the Renaissance composers of the Netherlands, and received its classical expression in the Roman school—for example, in the work of the Italian composer G. Palestrina. All choir music in the Orthodox Church is sung a cappella—for instance, the works of the composer D. S. Bortnianskii. Beginning with the Renaissance, a cappella singing developed in secular choral music as well as in church music, particularly in such genres as the madrigal in vocal chamber music. Many contemporary choral works are written a cappella—for instance, ten revolutionary poems arranged for choir by D. D. Shostakovich.


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Acapella allows performers to record, synchronize and share vocal harmonies, dances and skits.
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It will feature Fayha Choir, conducted by maestro Barkev Taslakian, which will sing acapella (without instruments).
Hefyd cawn fwynhau cymysgedd o alawon werin acapella ac emynau ysbrydoledig yng nghwmni''r criw.
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McKay said Ferrell had some ideas of his own for the film: "Well Will asked if he could sing an Irish acapella traditional song in a bar and when Chris Henchy and I were writing the script, that went right into the script and it's still in the movie.
And the performers at the evening were punk icon Patti Smith and Mary J Blige, who captivated the crowd with her acapella rendition of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven'.
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