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see BhaskaraBhaskara
, called Acarya
[Skt.,=learned], b. 1114, Indian mathematician and astronomer. According to the custom, he put his learned treatises into verse, adding, however, explanations in prose.
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Among the commentators of Bharata, Bhatta Lollata, Bhatta Sankuka, Bhatta Nayaka, Bhatta Yantra are quoted by Acarya Abhinavagupta in his Abhi.
Acarya Kirtidhara's view has been referred to Acarya Abhinavagupta in Abhi.
Acarya fails to explain why Amsuvarma did not launch his epoch era
Maithila-vajapeya-somayaji-sricandesvara acarya in Maithili script,
9] Certain acaryas, searching for a more rigorous language in which to interpret the Divya Prabandham, spoke of Visnu 's becoming present in the temple image (arca) in the manner of the avatara.
12) It relates how Acarya Sambhava, as he is called, practiced meditation, battled demons, and performed miracles at the Asura Cave at Yang la shod:
The doctrinal tensions between "northern" and "southern" communities of Srivaisnavas--with the north favoring a grace-via-effort salvation and the southern emphasizing more a salvific grace without regard to human pretext or effort--in Vedantadesika's poetry seem to dissolve or at least become far more complex; while Desika is remembered primarily as a great vatakalai acarya or "northern teacher" today, his Prakrit Acyutasatakam, to cite but one example, would seem to flirt quite seriously with the Tenkalai theology of salvation without pretext (p.
His biographical study of Acarya Vijaya Dharma Suri, the Svetambara monk with whom Tessitori, Jacobi, and many other European scholars corresponded on Jainological matters, and whom Tessitori met and travelled with on several occasions, provides a touching and insightful glimpse into the social and ritual life of this important intellectual and social reformer.
As a guru and an acarya, Somasambhu had to teach these rituals so that his disciples would be able to move within this world of powers (p.
Acarya Hemacandra's Kavyanusasanam, with Critical Introduction and Gujarati Translation.
Firstly, acaryas of the image-worshipping orders in Svetambara Jainism have invariably been reluctant to endorse study of the cheda sutras and their commentaries by non-renunciants, owing to the fact that frequent reference within these texts to exceptions deriving from particular circumstances which can override general disciplinary rules might lead to the moral standing of monks and nuns being questioned by outsiders.