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, important Philistine city, SE of Jaffa, near the sea and bordering Judah. According to accounts in the Bible, Ekron was in the hands of the Philistines when it was the Ark of the Covenant's last resting place before its restoration to Israel. It also appears as Accaron.
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Next came one Who mourn'd in earnest, when the Captive Ark Maim'd his brute Image, head and hands lopt off In his own Temple, on the grunsel edge, Where he fell flat, and sham'd his Worshipers: DAGON his Name, Sea Monster, upward Man And downward Fish: yet had his Temple high Rear'd in AZOTUS, dreaded through the Coast Of PALESTINE, in GATH and ASCALON, And ACCARON and GAZA's frontier bounds.
It is questionable whether this site is really in the Shephelah; it would be more appropriate to say that it is in the "inner coastal plain." It is mentioned by Eusebius in relation to ACCARON, "They say that there is some village near Accaron called Gallaia" (Onom.