Accelerated Graphics Port

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accelerated graphics port

[ak‚sel·ə‚rād·əd ′graf·iks ‚pȯrt]
(computer science)
A personal computer graphics bus that transfers data at a greater rate than a PCI bus.

Accelerated Graphics Port

(hardware, graphics)
(AGP) A bus specification by Intel which gives low-cost 3D graphics cards faster access to main memory on personal computers than the usual PCI bus.

AGP dynamically allocates the PC's normal RAM to store the screen image and to support texture mapping, z-buffering and alpha blending.

Intel has built AGP into a chipset for its Pentium II microprocessor. AGP cards are slightly longer than a PCI card.

AGP operates at 66 MHz, doubled to 133 MHz, compared with PCI's 33 Mhz. AGP allows for efficient use of frame buffer memory, thereby helping 2D graphics performance as well.

AGP provides a coherent memory management design which allows scattered data in system memory to be read in rapid bursts. AGP reduces the overall cost of creating high-end graphics subsystems by using existing system memory.

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The OptiPlex GX150 supports PC133 SDRAM (operating at 100MHz with Celeron) and ATA/100 hard disk drive technology and features an accelerated graphics port (4X AGP) slot and four USB ports.
AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port. An advanced graphics card interface enabling fast 3D visuals.
Diamond Multimedia's Viper V550 supports all the new features integrated in the Windows 98 operating system including multi-monitor display, Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) support and On-Now power management.
Currently, the best video boards are Accelerated Graphics Port or AGP compatible.
ActiveMovie takes care of audio and video on the web while DirectX 5.0 (6.0 is to be launched later this year) improves multimedia and gaming with support for the Accelerated Graphics Port and MMX.
According to Frost & Sullivan information technology research analyst Greg Etemad, "Some of the technology trends that video card manufacturer's should be addressing for future growth include accelerated graphics port (AGP), PC/TV convergence, DVD, and flat panel displays."
TRUFORM effectively amplifies geometric information, thereby enabling more visual detail while sending a smaller amount of data across the AGP (accelerated graphics port) bus, and affording a savings in graphics memory usage.
IBM Fire GL1 is the first-ever, fully-integrated, 256-bit OpenGL 3D, accelerated graphics port solution, and is optimized on the IntelliStation for advanced 3D.
The specifications include support for workstation features such as dual processing, large system memories, Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) 4x graphics specification and AGP Pro graphics cards, and high-bandwidth I/O.
S3 has created the ViRGE/GX2 accelerator--a fully integrated solution with support for TV-out, DuoView dual-display capability, Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), and high-quality DVD.

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