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(Linear Tape Open) A family of open magnetic tape standards developed by HP, IBM and Quantum (formerly the Certance subsidiary of Seagate) that are licensed to third-party vendors. LTO cartridges contain a memory that stores historical usage data. Although LTO was introduced with a native capacity of only 100GB, multi-terabyte tapes followed. Starting with LTO-3, write once-read many (WORM) support was added, and LTO-4 built in hardware encryption (see table below). See WORM.

LTO Is Ultrium
In 1998, two formats were announced: a single-hub Ultrium, like DLT cartridges, and a dual-hub Accelis, similar to Magstar MP. Sharing read/write head, track layout and other features, the single-hub Ultrium was accepted, while Accelis never took off. For information, visit See DLT and Magstar MP.

An LTO (Ultrium) Cartridge
The single-hub Ultrium is the only LTO format, and LTO and Ultrium are synonymous.

LTO UltriumGeneration    Native         Hardware  (year)     Capacity  WORM  Encryption

  LTO-1 (2000)  100GB
  LTO-2 (2003)  200GB
  LTO-3 (2005)  400GB      X
  LTO-4 (2007)  800GB      X       X

  LTO-5 (2010)  1.5TB      X       X
  LTO-6 (2012)  2.5TB      X       X
  LTO-7 (2016)  6.0TB      X       X
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LTO - the open tape format proposed last year for mid-range systems by IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co and Seagate Technology Inc - is an industry brand, as are the two LTO formats, Ultrium for high capacities of 100Gb, and the dual-reel Accelis for fast access.
In support of this strategic alliance, SDRC and Asera will initially build a set of adapters between the Asera Platform and SDRC's Accelis products -- allowing SDRC customers the ability to manage the access, distribution and presentation of product information in a collaborative web environment using Asera's robust security, entitlement and personalization capabilities.