access control list

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Access Control List

(ACL) A list of the services available on a server, each with a list of the hosts permitted to use the service.

access control list

A set of data associated with a file, directory or other network resource that defines the permissions that users, groups, processes or devices have for accessing it. See access control and wildcard mask.
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From application inspection function charts and access control lists for ASA uses to configuring a virtual HTTP and adding solutions to common problems, Cisco PIX Firewalls may be used as either a classroom text or a PIX work reference.
The security descriptor includes the SID for the object's owner and two access control lists, each containing a set of mappings between user or group SIDs, and specific access rights allows for that SID.
The Net-SAFE[R] security features, including access control lists, call rate limiting and topology hiding, help ensure that IP networks are secure and available to provide IP interactive communication services.
NetMRI Enables Network Managers to Discover and Fix Device System Issues on Firewalls and Router Access Control Lists Before They Become a Problem
1x and access control lists, the S25 delivers the secure networking functionality IT managers require to secure their wiring closets.
The SX-600 includes enterprise-level security features including access control lists, complete protocol and application enable/disable control, read and write configuration passwords, and SNMP community name configuration.
In turn, this provides more headroom for value-added services, such as variable QoS for video, voice, data and security, access control lists, secure data transactions, and billing applications.
The new release also incorporates numerous additional security capabilities, including enhanced management of access control lists (ACLs) that simplify the control of traffic permitted within a trusted application environment.
The Trapeze Mobility System uses identity-based networking which enables VLAN and subnet memberships, authentications, access control lists (ACLs), roaming policies, bandwidth usage and other vital statistics to stay with and track users as they move between any wired and wireless environment.
The protected memory and processing power of the switching, routing and management functionalities also ensure predictable and consistent performance as access control lists are activated.
In addition, it offers advanced filtering capability through Access Control Lists and URL filtering and network/application enhancing-features like Qos and VLAN.
In addition to the Binary Game, the newly redesigned CCNA Prep Center has been enhanced with several CCNA videos that cover some of the most challenging and critical topics CCNA candidates must master, such as access control lists (ACLs), Trunking and Frame Tagging Protocols, IP addressing and virtual LANs (VLANs).

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