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1. either of two large flat triangular bones, one on each side of the back part of the shoulder in man
2. the corresponding bone in most vertebrates
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the flat triangular bone adjacent to the posterolateral surface of the thoracic wall and vertically occupying the space between the second and seventh ribs.

The upper margin of the scapula has a notch through which blood vessels pass. The outer corner has an oval depression, the glenoid cavity, for articulation with the head of the humerus. The articular surface passes through the neck and into the shaft of the scapula. There is a tuberosity above and below the glenoid cavity to which the heads of the shoulder muscles (triceps and biceps) are attached. The spine of the scapula passes obliquely along the posterior surface of the bone and ends in the acromial process, which has a platform for articulation with the clavicle. The coracoid process, at the outer corner of the scapula, serves for the attachment of the pectoralis minor and coracobrachialis muscles and the short head of the biceps.

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The large, flat, triangular bone forming the back of the shoulder. Also known as shoulder blade.
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