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account number

A unique number assigned to users that identifies them to the entity establishing the account. A social security number, bank account number and credit card number are common account numbers. An account number can be assigned to any category of individuals or organizations, including employees, customers, vendors and contractors.

Not Necessarily Numeric or Stored as Numeric
Account numbers may contain a combination of alphabetic characters and numeric digits. However, even when they are only numeric, they are often stored in the computer as an alphanumeric "character" field. In the following example, numbers can be assigned to state, city and customer. If the account number field is defined as characters (a "string"), the city and state can be searched independently of the customer. See string and account.

SubfieldPositions in Field

   State Code    1-2
   City Code     3-5
   Customer #    6-14
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Besides the credit card numbers, the thieves obtained driver's license numbers and checking account numbers from 96,000 transactions involving checks, the company said.
Banks will determine an account number after authenticating a customer.
Aside from continually working to provide support on a number of cases under appeal, the EDD is tightening its processes to try to detect SUTA dumping activities before account numbers are assigned and businesses begin reporting.
* When writing checks to pay credit card accounts, include only the last four numbers of the account number on the "For" line.
When an electronic commerce transaction takes place, the purchaser provides the type of credit card, as well as the account number, name, and expiration date on the card.
We have also learned that some providers in the region were using a code-breaking scam to obtain account numbers.
If the account numbers match exactly, you win the prize shown alongside.
Definition of "Responsible Manner." Section (20)(10)(10)2(10) discusses when a filer is considered to be acting in a responsible manner in handling account information such as account numbers and balances.
This money card might store our account numbers and financial records from various commercial banks, retail stores, and brokerage accounts.
Frequent change of account numbers by banks should be prevented by making it mandatory for all banks to allot 15-digit account-numbers.
Antonio Trillanes IV asked if there was an account bearing his name with account numbers provided by Presidential Communications Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson and broadcaster Erwin Tulfo.
Individuals wishing to use PromptPay must register their citizen ID card number and/or mobile phone number, which will be linked with designated bank account numbers. Registration can be made by various commercial bank channels, such as ATMs, Internet banking, mobile banking, and bank branches.