account number

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account number

The number assigned to an employee, customer, vendor or product for identification. Although it may contain only numeric digits, account numbers are often defined and stored as a character field, also known as a "string" or "alphanumeric field," so that parts of the number can be searched independently.

For example, if the first two digits in a customer number were a state code, and the next three were the city code, state and city could be easily searched. Take the case of searching for state code "44" and city code "111" on a 14-digit account number defined as the following three subfields:

SubfieldPositions in Field

   State Code    1-2
   City Code     3-5
   Customer #    6-14

If the field were defined as characters (a string), the query would be LOOK FOR "44111" IN CHARACTERS 1-5. If the field were defined as a numeric field, the entire number has to be taken into consideration, making it awkward. The query would have to be GREATER THAN 44110999999999 AND LESS THAN 44112000000000. See string.
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Iba ang account number, iba ang totoo,' Duterte added.
Emirates NBD staff will work in collaboration with the payroll employer's HR teams to deliver the Advance Account welcome pack to employees on their first day of employment in the UAE which will include current and savings account numbers, access to the bank's award-winning online and mobile banking platforms and a debit card.
Top Tips Make sure you check, then double-check account number and sort code details before making online payments.
Almost all credit unions and banks use the common "MICR" format for the checking account number.
The FCA said account number portability could remove the need to change direct debits and standing order instructions, "which is a key area where perceived or actual problems with switching, such as missed mortgage payments, can arise".
In one complaint we received, a company got an e-mail purportedly from a supplier, which said that they had changed their bank account number.
International Bank Account Number facilitates automatic processing of money transfers between countries which are IBAN-compliant.
The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) plans to provide a universal account number to its subscribers from October.
They had been sent SMS messages on 10 July 2013 and onwards inviting them to enter their bank account numbers in the Ministry's website.
Businesses which currently use IBAN-format account numbers have reduced error rates (4.
MUMBAI -- A Reserve Bank of India (RBI) panel has looked into the possibility of facilitating account number portability through a unique number for each customer across the country.
The system, which combines a country code with a check digit code and the customers existing account number, will speed up transactions and go a long way to eliminate much of the need for physical checking.