Accounting Prices

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Accounting Prices


wholesale prices of enterprises differentiated to take account of variances in natural and other objective production conditions and helping to level out profitability of organizations that practice khozraschet (economic accounting).

Accounting prices are used in the USSR and certain other socialist countries in a number of the extractive and related sectors. The product is sold to consumers at uniform prices (dual price system). Intraplant accounting prices are set for certain production associations and large enterprises for products involved in intrafactory turnover. A special variety of accounting prices are the wholesale prices for agricultural products supplied to individual sectors of the food-processing industry, including the meat-packing, hulling-and-milling, and alcohol industries.

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For more information about new packages and prices please visit acclux accounting prices.
From results in Reece and zieschang [1987!, the deflator for bank portfolio profit in accounting prices is simply
(11) The (negative of the) accounting price of deposits is given by [[alpha!.sub.d!
Firstly, shadow (or accounting) prices for traded goods should be based on world or border prices, "border prices can be used as accounting prices for all traded goods, because they represent the opportunity costs or benefits of using or producing a traded good" (Little and Mirrlees, 1974, p.
Valuation of inputs and outputs is done with the use of social accounting prices. Consumption distribution weights taken from Squire and van der Tak have been used to estimate shadow wage rates for social analysis.

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