Accounting Reports

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Accounting Reports


a system of indexes reporting the status of economic assets, their sources, and the results of the work of an enterprise, organization, or institution for the period under review; these reports are compiled from the data of economic accounting. Accounting reports are one of the necessities for planned management of the economy. Socialist accounting reports are mandatory, strictly regulated by the state in their content, scientifically structured on the basis of all forms of economic accounting for a comprehensive description of the results of the work of an enterprise, organization, or institution, scientifically based in their evaluation of the indexes, closely coordinated with plan data, timely and reliable, and clear and accessible. Accounting reports are periodic (monthly and quarterly) and annual. The volume and forms of periodic and annual accounting reports are established each year by the Ministry of Finance of the USSR and the Central Statistical Administration of the USSR. The procedure of drawing up, presenting, and approving accounting reports has been defined by the Statute on Accounting Reports and Balances of State, Cooperative (Except Kolkhoz), and Public Enterprises and Organizations (1951), including subsequent amendments and supplements. Methodological guidance of the accounting reports of ministries and departments is given by the Ministry of Finance, which in coordination with the Central Statistical Administration approves standard forms of accounting reports and instructions for their use. Accounting reports are submitted to higher organizations, to credit and financing institutions of Gosbank (State Bank) and Stroibank (Construction Investment Bank), to the Central Statistical Administration and its republic and local bodies, and to local financial bodies. Accounting reports submitted to a higher organization are signed by the head and the chief (senior) accountant of the enterprise; copies sent to all other addresses are certified by the chief (senior) accountant. Periodic accounting reports are submitted not later than the 15th of the month following the period under review; annual accounting reports are submitted not later than January 25 of the year following the year under review. The ministries of finance and the central statistical administrations of the Union republics set different deadlines. Higher organizations consider and approve accounting reports within 15 days of the day they are received.

Accounting reports are used by higher bodies to guide the economic activities of enterprises, to analyze the results of their work and draw up economic plans, and to control their fulfillment. From the data of accounting reports, financial bodies analyze the economic activities of enterprises, uncover reserves to give assistance to enterprises, and determine the relations of the enterprises with other enterprises in terms of payments for production assets, fixed (rent) payments, payments of the unused profit remainder, and turnover tax. Gosbank institutions use data from accounting reports to check the degree to which credit has been provided and to control the outlay of the wages fund. Accounting reports are codified along the line of departmental authority into accounting summary reports.


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