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in international law the aggregate of acts connected with the appointment of, and the assumption of duties by, a head of diplomatic representation or of a permanent representative of a state to an international organization.

The process of accreditation involves the following steps: the promulgation by a competent state organ of a home document concerning the appointment of a given person as its diplomatic representative; the obtaining of an agreement (agrément) to his acceptance by the foreign state; and the presentation by the newly appointed representative of his credentials to the competent organ of the host state. Depending on the practice in effect in a given country, a head of diplomatic representation is considered to have entered upon his duties either from the moment of the presentation of his credentials or from the moment of the notification of his arrival and presentation of sworn copies of his credentials to the minister of foreign affairs of the host state. A permanent representative of a state to an international organization is considered to have entered upon his duties from the moment of presenting his credentials to the competent organ of the international organization—for instance, to the secretary general of the UN.

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The most significant development is that the Italian consulates have been instructed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs not to issue a mission visa to a DoD contractor without the USSSO-signed accreditation letter, a step that has completely eliminated the previous problem of DoD contractors showing up in Italy without proper documentation.
The German Township Police Department found the road to accreditation difficult.
Peck: JCAHO launched its new LTC accreditation option earlier this year.
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities-Continuing Care Accreditation Commission
In 1996, the association issued the zoo a five-year accreditation, which expired Sept.
All members of the Credential and Exam Committee are PFSs, and many of them have held the accreditation from its earliest days.
Since 1983, CALEA has been enlisting agencies in a voluntary accreditation process that ensures a standard of excellence while helping law enforcement agencies attain professional status.
The organization, based in Illinois, usually surveys hospitals every three years, and it awards accreditation after it evaluates hospitals on such issues as safety, services and quality of care.
At least 42% in both groups agreed with each statement and said accreditation had
The legal profession began developing specialty accreditation programs more than 20 years ago.
BOSTON -- ProMutual Group, a leading provider of medical malpractice liability insurance in the Northeast, was recently awarded a two year accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).
Two accreditation bodies, the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission (CCAC) and CARF, recently announced a cooperative accreditation agreement for the assisted living, adult day, or health enhancement services components of organizations providing a continuum of long term care.

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