Accuracy of Measurement

Accuracy of Measurement


the characteristic of a measurement that indicates the degree to which the results of measurement approach the true value of the measured quantity. The smaller the deviation of the result of measurement from the true value of the quantity—that is, the smaller the error—the higher the measurement accuracy, regardless of whether the error is systematic or random, or contains components of both (seeERROR OF MEASUREMENT).

Error is sometimes used as a quantitative evaluation of the accuracy of measurement; however, error is a concept that is the converse of accuracy, and it is more logical to evaluate the accuracy by specifying the inverse of the relative error, without regard to sign. For example, if the relative error is ± 10 –5, then the accuracy is 10 5.


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Users worldwide rely on the perfectly matched components of the measurement chain that guarantees maximum accuracy of measurement results and enables optimization of the complete product life cycle, from the development through the testing stages, as well as in manufacturing and production.
This newly developed technology predicts future changes in water levels based on past measurements, and, based upon the circumstances of sensors at any given time, automatically adjusts the three parameters of the measurement interval, the notification interval, and the measurement duration to maintain the required accuracy of measurement data based on the circumstances while conserving sensor power.
The wind tunnel will have a new data acquisition which provides a greater accuracy of measurement across a wider range of pressures and temperatures.
can be merged into a single points cloud, maintaining the high accuracy of measurement.
Issues might include whether a person would stand or lie on the floor, what instruments would be used to make the measurements, and what accuracy of measurement should be recorded.
A finite accuracy of the corresponding corrections causes systematic uncertainties, which finally limit an achievable accuracy of measurement of the quantum state's parameters.
Reproducibility and accuracy of measurement are the cornerstones of science.
Quality control programs can range from checking the accuracy of measurement scales to specifying the level of nitrites in bacon curing, for example.
We sent out two women - one with a generous size 34E bust and the other a petite 34A - to give stores marks out of ten for helpfulness, choice and accuracy of measurement.
Ensuring the accuracy of measurement equipment by frequent calibration, however, isn't sufficient.
Justifiably, the smaller manufacturers displayed greatest interest in accuracy of measurement, quality control and data integration - more so than bookkeeping, which can easily be maintained with current commercial accounting software.

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