Accuracy of Measurement

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Accuracy of Measurement


the characteristic of a measurement that indicates the degree to which the results of measurement approach the true value of the measured quantity. The smaller the deviation of the result of measurement from the true value of the quantity—that is, the smaller the error—the higher the measurement accuracy, regardless of whether the error is systematic or random, or contains components of both (seeERROR OF MEASUREMENT).

Error is sometimes used as a quantitative evaluation of the accuracy of measurement; however, error is a concept that is the converse of accuracy, and it is more logical to evaluate the accuracy by specifying the inverse of the relative error, without regard to sign. For example, if the relative error is ± 10 –5, then the accuracy is 10 5.


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VEGA CONTROLS says the VEGAPULS 64 80 GHz contactless radar level transmitter now has increased its accuracy down to 1mm as standard, at no extra cost and this means, whether in storage or processing, customers will get the best repeatability and accuracy of measurement on ranges up to 30m.
Accuracy of measurement equipment allows for more efficient test; with wider margins, reliable results, and less maintenance over time.
In an industry handling a high-value product such as oil and gas, the accuracy of measurement equipment is crucial for correctness and profitability.
Users worldwide rely on the perfectly matched components of the measurement chain that guarantees maximum accuracy of measurement results and enables optimization of the complete product life cycle, from the development through the testing stages, as well as in manufacturing and production.
This newly developed technology predicts future changes in water levels based on past measurements, and, based upon the circumstances of sensors at any given time, automatically adjusts the three parameters of the measurement interval, the notification interval, and the measurement duration to maintain the required accuracy of measurement data based on the circumstances while conserving sensor power.
When a multi-point plate target is used the accuracy will increase 2 to 4 times, which ensures that the mean accuracy of measurement will be between 0.25 and 0.5 pixel.
At the same time the high accuracy of measurement might be needed for the useful signal.
The author of the aforementioned study recommends this method of expressing the accuracy of measurement to biomedical fields.
The wind tunnel will have a new data acquisition which provides a greater accuracy of measurement across a wider range of pressures and temperatures.
The objective of the paper is to verify how point clouds obtained in different 3D scanning projects (different measurement lens sets, separate calibration, etc.) can be merged into a single points cloud, maintaining the high accuracy of measurement. Another challenge is to reverse--engineer the invisible parts of the instrument housing by combining measurement point clouds with tessellated meshes numerically generated based on interpolated CAD primitives.
Note that there is no influence of the duration of the received pulse on the accuracy of measurement. This is a consequence of the fact that only the rising edge of the received pulse is that stops the measurement of the time interval between the trigger pulse and the received pulse.
Issues might include whether a person would stand or lie on the floor, what instruments would be used to make the measurements, and what accuracy of measurement should be recorded.

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