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(building construction)
A strap, band, ring, or chain placed around a structure to secure and hold its parts together, as around the springing of a dome.
Rubber ribbon about 4 inches (10 centimeters) wide for temporarily protecting a telephone or coaxial splice from moisture.
A strip of gauze, muslin, flannel, or other material, usually in the form of a roll, but sometimes triangular or tailed, used to hold dressing in place, to apply pressure, to immobilize a part, to support a dependent or injured part, to obliterate tissue cavities, or to check hemorrhage.
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a soft or rigid material used to secure a dressing on a wound (protective bandage), create pressure on a part of the body to halt venous bleeding (pressure bandage), or keep an injured part of the body, usually an extremity, in the necessary position (immobilizing bandage).

Protective and pressure bandages are usually applied from a roll of gauze over a sterile dressing of gauze or cotton placed on a wound. Several types of protective bandages can be used, depending on the topography of the part of the body to be bandaged. Examples are circular, figure-of-8, and spica bandages. Cleol (a composite of rosin, ethyl alcohol, ether, and sunflower oil) and adhesive bandages can also be used to secure a dressing. An immobilizing bandage is ordinarily used for a fracture or extensive injury to soft tissue and can be made of wood, wire, or plastic. Such a bandage is called a splint, and the procedure for applying it splinting. The application of bandages is a first-aid procedure.

Inflatable coverings—pneumatic splints that uniformly encircle and immobilize the body—are used for prolonged and difficult transport of a victim (for example, from a mine) and for the immobilization of the extremities or the entire body. Plaster casts are commonly used for fractures.


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What does it mean when you dream about a bandage?

The sense of being hurt, either physically or emotionally. It can also represent the sense of healing.

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A strap, band, ring, or chain placed around a structure to secure and hold its parts together, as around the springing of a dome.
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"But what really stood out to me the most, was this thing of wrapping dogs in these Ace bandages."
In fact, I carried a bottle of castor oil, cotton batting, and ace bandages to wrap around the cotton in my first aid kit in the car.
COMPRESSION: Wrap the ankle in an Ace bandage or use a lacing boot or high-top shoe to alleviate swelling.
Consider relying on parents' good will and ask them to replace the item used, such as an ace bandage, sling, crutches, or a splint.
* Compress the area with an ace bandage or wrap to further reduce the swelling.
Cuba won with no waiting time and no charge; the American patient waited for hours and was charged $450.77 (including $44 for an Ace bandage).
If you're injured, don't wear a big ace bandage or brace unless it's really necessary.
One of the first things I pack for vacation is an ace bandage.
In this case, the treatment of choice is a week of RICE, an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression with an Ace bandage and Elevation.
A sprained ankle, on the other hand, is an acute problem that requires RICE, an acronym for "rest, ice, compression (with an Ace bandage) and elevation." In both cases, you may benefit from physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications.
"Nicole picked out some colorful yarn, and I made a pattern for an armband, and it held it in place so much better than a hot sweaty Ace bandage," Mrs.
Finally wrap the ice gently with an ace bandage. This will provide gentle compression as well as cold therapy.