Acetic Anhydride

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acetic anhydride

[ə′sēd·ik an′hīd‚rīd]
(organic chemistry)
(CH3CO)2O A liquid with a pungent odor that combines with water to form acetic acid; used as an acetylating agent.

Acetic Anhydride


(CH3CO)2O, a colorless liquid with a pungent odor. Acetic anhydride is soluble in benzene, ether, and other organic solvents; it has a boiling point of 139.5°C and a density of 1.082 g/cm3 at 20°C. Acetic anhydride is one of the reactants widely used in chemical synthesis for introducing the acetyl radical (CH3CO—), a process known as acetylation. Examples are provided by the reactions with alcohols (ROH) to form esters (CH3COOR), with amines (RNH2) to form amides (CH3CONHR), and with mercaptans (RSH) to form thioethers (CH3COSR). When heated with water, acetic anhydride forms acetic acid.

In industry, acetic anhydride is obtained by such methods as the catalytic oxidation of acetaldehyde in the presence of the acetates cobalt and copper and the reaction of acetic acid with ketene. The compound is mainly used in producing cellulose acetate, acetopropionate, and acetate butyrate; these substances in turn are used in making synthetic fibers, plastic products, coatings, paints, varnishes, and the backing of photographic and motion-picture film, as well as in producing such odoriferous substances as acetanisole and such pharmaceuticals as phenacetin.

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Brazil licenses, controls, and inspects essential and precursor chemical products, including potassium permanganate and acetic anhydride.
In summary, we have shown that B(OH)3 in acetic anhydride can be used efficiently for direct transformation of different kinds of epoxides to 1,2- diacetates.
After that 15 g of this bagasse 300 ml acetic anhydride and 3 g NBS were put in a 500 ml pyrex batch reactor that was equipped with a reflux condenser.
Acetic anhydride, DMF, toluene, and benzene were purchased from J.
Acylation was achieved by pyridine-promoted reaction with acetic anhydride.
The group set up Luna Chemical in 1997 for manufacturing acetic anhydride and acetanilide flakes.
The drug precursors worth most for illicit drug manufacture are acetic anhydride for the production of heroin, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine for the production of methamphetamine-type drugs, and potassium permanganate for the production of cocaine," Ms Scharf-Kroener explained.
These eight amino acids were found to react with acetic anhydride providing significantly broader surface mapping potential than single amino acid modification methods.
The annual production capacity of the new plant is 460,000 metric tons of Acetic Acid and 50,000 metric tons of Acetic Anhydride.
A statement from Interior Ministry said 1,000 kilos of hashish, 4750 kgs of ammonium chloride, 170 litres of acetic anhydride and 250 kilograms of other chemicals used in heroin processing were seized in Lakari village of Maarja district.
Police searched the trucks and found two tons of acetic anhydride, an essential chemical precursor used for heroin conversion, hidden in bricks.