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(yarrow), a genus of plants of the family Compositae. The plants are perennial herbs with entire, pinnatilobate, or pinnatisect leaves. The inflorescences are small many-flowered heads, which are for the most part gathered into a common corymb. Solitary heads are rare. The ray flowers are pistillate and ligulate; their coloration is white, pink, red, or yellow. The disk flowers are bisexual and tubular. The achenes have no pappus.

There are more than 100 species of yarrow (according to other data, 200), distributed mainly in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. Species are especially numerous in mountainous areas and in the Mediterranean region. The USSR has 45 species. The common yarrow (A. millefolium) grows mainly in meadows and along forests in the forest zone, in steppes, on slopes, and along roads and fields. The leaves and inflorescences contain essential oil. An infusion and liquid extract from the leaves and inflorescences of the common yarrow and closely related species are used as styptics and as ingredients in a tea that functions as an appetite stimulant.


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Nowadays there are so many different hybrids there has to be an achillea for every scheme.
I guess that will be the tone of the day as the market evaluates what's happened in Greece," said Achilleas Georgolopoulos, interest rate strategist at Lloyds.
My favourites include achilleas, the yarrows, varieties such as Walther Funke, Summerwine, Terracotta or Moonshine.
Cypriot lawyer Achilleas Demetriades has taken on the case for no fee.
This is why people try to go to remote areas to detect at night," said long-time detectorist Achilleas (not his real name).
At one time 'Cloth of Gold' was typical of the achilleas we would grow, nearly all bright yellow, with stout, stiff stems and flat heads composed of lots of tiny flowers.
Give achilleas the conditions they like - full sun and excellent drainage - and they'll go on and on.
Sow seeds of perennials including hardy geraniums, achilleas and alstroemerias outside in shallow drills.
Achilleas Kallakis, 43, and Alexander Williams, 43, faked documents to convince Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Scotland to approve loans, their fraud trial heard.
Achilleas Michaelides, who has been doing this for about 15 years said "7,000-8,000 people died.
Pouros Minos Charalambous Adonis Pegasiou Achilleas Tsangaris Kyriakos Kakouris Xenakis Xenofontos Charalambos Tappas.