Acidic Rock

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acidic rock

[ə′sid·ik ′räk]
Igneous rock containing more than 66% SiO2, making it silicic.
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Acidic Rock


magmatic rocks oversaturated in silica (65–70 percent)—that is, containing a surplus of silica which is precipitated in the form of quartz (granite, diorite) or remains dissolved in the amorphous ground mass, or volcanic glass (obsidian, pitchstone).

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Shaded rock ledges and boulders, frequently on limestone though occasionally on acidic rocks; Interior Low Plateau, Cumberland Plateau, Ridge and Valley; occasional; [rarely Coastal Plain].
It grows as saxi-terricolous in hollows or slight depressions of acidic rocks, in open sites exposed to wind, sun, rain or snow, with Polytrichum juniperinum Hedw., Tortula Hedw.