Acorah, Derek

Acorah, Derek

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

British psychic/medium Derek Acorah had many psychic experiences as a child—his first at age six when the spirit of his deceased grandfather visited him—but he grew up to play professional soccer with Bill Shankly’s Liverpool Football Club and the Australian USC Lion team. In 1980 he became a professional psychic and medium and eventually had a television show called Most Haunted and another called Antiques Ghost Show. In the latter an expert examined articles such as old family heirlooms brought in by their owners. Acorah then handled the object and relayed information about the ancestors who had owned the artifact. For this he used a combination of psychometry, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Acorah communicates with the spirit world through his spirit guide Sam. Describing Acorah’s presentations, genealogist Anthony Adolph, writing in Family History Monthly, said, “Dozens of volunteers, a modest sized production team and a small army of camera and sound men all focused their attention on Derek’s readings of the heirlooms and the subsequent discovery of how much—if any—of his statements were verifiable. The conclusion to which I have been drawn is that psychics really can get things right … if subterfuge was involved, the sheer volume of deception and skullduggery required would scarcely have been justified for a million-pound bank heist, let along making a satellite TV program.”

On a visit to the Granada television studios in Manchester in 2004, Acorah was called in to get rid of some negative spirit energy that seemed to be “haunting” the set of the long-running series Coronation Street. This he was able to do, with one of the actors later saying, “The problems have been sorted out and all is peaceful and harmonious once more.” Acorah visits Spiritualist churches across Britain and Europe, demonstrating also in the Middle East and America. Acorah lives in Southport, Merseyside, England, with his wife Gwen and two children.


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