Acoustic Power

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acoustic power

[ə′küs·tik ′pau̇·ər]

Power, Acoustic


the energy carried by a sound wave through a particular surface per unit time; it is measured in watts. A distinction is made between the instantaneous value of acoustic power and the average over the period of an oscillation or a prolonged time interval. Of greatest interest is the average acoustic power per unit area, which is called the sound intensity.

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Sonora Medical Systems is proud to offer this important new level of service to our acoustic power test customers," Moore continued.
The mechanical noise level is calculated by linear interpolation of the nominal power of the motor with a dependence of acoustic power levels on standard power values for known motors.
With the radiators placed in an opposing fashion, vibration is eliminated, turning the energy into acoustic power.
Software solutions provide acoustic power for search, shuffle, auto-playlists, discovery and referrals.
a leading national provider of proprietary products and services to the diagnostic imaging industry, today announced the sale of certain assets related to its acoustic power testing laboratories to Acertara Acoustic Laboratories LLC.
When listening to speaker playback without headphones, DTS Boost technology delivers a much larger sound by maximizing the phone's acoustic power and audio playback while maintaining the integrity of the content.
High Acoustic Power Improves LV Cavity and Myocardial Contrast Effect with EchoGen(R)," authored by David L.
1 channel lossless audio decoding, high quality surround from stereo sources, quality optimization for headphones, automatic sound balancing and acoustic power maximization.
The device, known as an acoustic transducer, converts electric power into acoustic power with high efficiency.
In addition, Sonora is the world's leading acoustic power testing laboratory, and the only one that is accredited to ISO 17025.
1 digital audio stream into DTS Digital Surround[TM]), DTS Symmetry[TM] (optimum balance in loudness levels between different program content), and DTS Boost[TM] (enhancing the acoustic power of the target system).
1 digital audio stream into DTS Digital Surround), DTS Symmetry (provides an optimum balance in loudness levels between different program content), and DTS Boost (enhances the acoustic power of the target system without causing clipping or side effects in the playback).

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