Acoustic Resistance

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acoustic resistance

[ə′küs·tik ri′zis·təns]
The real component of the acoustic impedance. Also known as resistance.
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Resistance, Acoustic


a quantity that appears in the study of the vibrations of acoustic systems. It is the real component of acoustic impedance, which is the complex ratio of sound pressure to sound flux (volume velocity). The imaginary component of acoustic impedance is called acoustic reactance.

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From 500 to 2500 Hz, the porosity is increased with the pore area fractal dimension and the acoustic resistance plays a major role.
To increase the acoustic resistance of the device, thus the absorption, the space between the rigid backing and MPP is filled with fibrous or porous boards; usually they are placed where the particle velocity is maximum (Cox & D'Antonio 2009).
While the acoustic resistance modeled by characters like Innogen and Miranda could certainly wield profound social and political consequences, it also evokes the active and discerning reception expected of audience members in the playhouse or the church.

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