acoustic noise

Acoustic noise

Unwanted sound. Noise control is the process of obtaining an acceptable noise environment for people in different situations. Understanding noise and its control requires a knowledge of the major sources of noise, sound propagation, human response to noise, and the physics of methods of controlling noise. The continuing increase in noise levels from many different human activities in industrialized societies has led to the term noise pollution.

Noise as an unwanted by-product of an industrialized society affects not only the operators of machines and vehicles, but also other occupants of buildings in which machines are installed, passengers of vehicles, and most importantly the communities in which machines, factories, and vehicles are operated.

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acoustic noise

[ə′küs·tik ‚nȯiz]
Noise in the acoustic spectrum; usually measured in decibels.
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The wind power generation sector is actively exploring magnetic gears to achieve low maintenance, reduced acoustic noise and increased reliability for extensive and durable applications.
The QM4 models are available with up to 10 outputs, have full MoPPs, isolation, and low acoustic noise. The power supplies are suitable for use in medical, test and measurement, communications and broadcast equipment.
The Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise canceling headphones are priced at Rs 12,599 during the sale down from its MRP of Rs 25,200.
The best-selling products across on Cyber Monday included the all-new Echo Dot, AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity, Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple devices, Becoming by Michelle Obama, Jenga, and Instant Pot DUO60 - 6 Quart.
The following was said in the report of acoustic noise levels: "The general noise climate at the subject site was observed to be in the form mostly of general light traffic and pedestrians in the immediate vicinity during the daytime hours.
In addition to discharge signal, acoustic noise signals obtained during tests are detected via piezo-electric transducer.
"The SGR line over the national park will be fitted with an acoustic noise barrier whose specifications will be approved by KWS," he said.
* Four microphone design and integrated Acoustic Noise Reduction (ANR) reduce background conversations and noise interference to improve speech recognition in noisy environments.
Researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor have demonstrated an origami lattice prototype that can potentially reduce acoustic noise on roadways.
Tom Avsic, a hydro-acoustics engineer at ThyssenKrupp, spoke about how active sonar helps to detect submarines that give off less radiated acoustic noise. Henrik Berg, from the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, introduced his country's operational simulation framework, Rattus.
The main drawbacks associated with switched reluctance drives (SRD) are the vibrations and the acoustic noise produced in its operation, which are relatively higher than those of the induction machines and permanent magnet synchronous drives.