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The Job Option box tells the Acrobat Distiller how to create the PDF file by including basic instructions, such as resolution of the final file, the page size, compression, font embedding, RGB or CMYK color space, color profiling information, overprinting specifications, transfer functions, and other required details.
Network publishing company Adobe Systems Inc has revealed the launch date for its Adobe Acrobat Distiller Server 5.
Adobe now offers a Linux version of Adobe Acrobat Distiller software.
The tool can be easily embedded into most workflows, with capabilities that are similar to Adobe's PDF Engine and Acrobat Distiller products.
PDF input flows to the RIP's page store, while Postscript input is directed to a "normalizer" -- an Acrobat Distiller module for Supra that converts the input to PDE At the other end of the RIPs, the "assembler" puts pages into proper edition sequence or feeds them directly to a digital press.
Moreover, even if a user has Acrobat Distiller, InDesign, and other design applications, PDF Shrink can still reduce the resolution or change the compression of the images in the PDF file.
The third product, Acrobat Distiller for individual or networked users, translates PostScript-language files into PDF files from documents containing Encapsulated Postscript elements and from documents created in applications that bypass system-level printing facilities and generate their own PostScript-language files for printing.
With OmniPage Professional 15, users get the core Digital PDF conversion capabilities found in Adobe Acrobat Distiller Server but in a more affordable and easier to use application.