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Government Equalities Office, 2018), the panel opted to replace use of the LGBT acronym with LGB&T (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)."
Other researchers contend that when acronyms have a meaning that corresponds to one denoted by an established word and they are mentioned in a relevant context which both speakers are familiar with, their processing effort is minimized to a great extent.
Acronym comes from the Greek akron (end, tip) and onuma (name).
Before FOD becomes the JIT or TQM acronym of our time, I hope more definition and clarity is provided --with data--so those inundated with surveys, questionnaires, consultant solicitations and "do or die" customer ultimatums regarding the eradication of FOD everywhere in our facilities can come to a clear consensus definition of an anti-FOD plan.
(you have to have the exclamation mark...) Which means: It's good to see the acronym makers being a bit tonguein-cheek.
One of the more confusing uses of acronyms I have ever witnessed happened during a trip to Minnesota.
What better way to end these musings than with a new acronym (not an initialism or an abbreviation, but a real acronym): STRESS--STOP REGULATORY EXCESSES!
According to NSG, the app is an easy to use, searchable list of many of the commonly used acronyms used by the FAA and the aviation industryIt is downloadable for iOS (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Android (NASDAQ: GOOG) mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android hand-held and tablet mobile devices.
Abbreviations and acronyms are methods of shortening phrases, using the first letters of each word or the first two letters.
In dermatopathology, some authors found the acronym as a 'playful' way to name a lesion with combined dermatology tumors and they coined the acronyms METRO (MElanocytic tumor + TRichOblastoma) and CAMEL (CArcinoma + MELanoma) to facilitate memorization of such combination.30
For all their potential for confusion, acronyms serve a legitimate function, allowing people in the benefits industry--or any group--to say and write things faster.
All of the preceding examples are commonplace in the English-speaking world, however there are many instances where acronyms are use incorrectly in business, thus causing great confusion.