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artificial fiber made from a special group of vinyl compounds, primarily acrylonitrile. Acrylic fibers are thermoplastic (i.e., soften when heated, reharden upon cooling), have low moisture regain, are low in density, and can be made into bulky fabrics. They wash and dry easily and are dimensionally stable. They are resistant to bleaches, dilute acids, and alkalies, and to weathering and microbiological attack.


A plastic which in solid form is rigid, clear, and transparent often used as glazing in areas for additional safety as it does not shatter.
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Developers of new acrylic compounds have followed the premise that materials will dispel static more effectively if their anti-static component is a stable polymer compatible with base components and capable of transferring a charge through the material or along its surface--in other words, if the ESD properties are part and parcel of the material as a whole.