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, group of thermoplastics that are transparent and highly decorative (see plastic). The polyacrylics, or acrylic plastics, are polymers (and copolymers) of derivatives of acrylic acid, H2C=CH-COOH.
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Acrylic glass is used in various consumer electronics and auto parts, and demand for its resin, methyl methacrylate monomer, has been recovering, partly helped by Chinese stimulus measures.
Each luminaire is designed with good thermal insulation to achieve the performance, the Alaska featuring a 'Duo' system with the fully enclosed diffusers made from clear acrylic glass (PMMA) and with the fluorescent tube itself sheathed in clear acrylic.
2An acrylic glass look chair is the perfect example of see-through seating
TAKE THE PLUNGE: Le cob bath by West One Bathrooms Ltd; NEW LOOK:; contemporary design with glass-topped table and (below) Flipper Table pounds 630 from The Room Store; SEE IT THROUGH: adapt the looking; glass style from the kitchen to the entertaining rooms and give your home a distinctive feel; TAKE A SEAT: an acrylic glass look chair; SEE THE LIGHT: Fuscia; 3 by Flos Lights pounds 235 from The Room Store
Framed prints are moisture-resistant and washable, and the clear acrylic glass is break-resistant for long life.
Anti-reflection glass causes no interference with the camera lens, and the acrylic glass screen protector sits flush with the screen so it does not leave behind any watermark effects and retains the screen's clarity.
Tenders are invited for Cfl Street Light Luminair Twin Type 2 X 11W With Individual 11 W Electronic Ballast,Black Apoxy Powder Coated Sheet Steel Enclosar,Anodized Aluminium Reflector And Clean Acrylic Glass Cover,Pre-Wired Up To Terminal And Suitable For Use With 230V 50Hz Supply And Complete Set With Lamps.
9 levels of support options are offered ranging from a paw written thank you note from Maya to an XXXL Acrylic glass photography print via an Indiegogo campaign.
9-inch acrylic glass cracked, then burst inside the Shanghai shopping center, injuring 15 shoppers and killing the three sharks.
The people, especially children and women, expressed great interest in the newly inducted captives, including the pair of white lion which had been imported from South Africa and kept in an especially build acrylic glass enclosure for providing a new and unique experience of watching 'king of jungle' to the visitors.
It is made from a special acrylic glass, reports the Telegraph.
For the meeting room, it used alabaster glass, which looks like acrylic glass, but is more environmentally friendly, as generates less wastage.