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artificial fiber made from a special group of vinyl compounds, primarily acrylonitrile. Acrylic fibers are thermoplastic (i.e., soften when heated, reharden upon cooling), have low moisture regain, are low in density, and can be made into bulky fabrics. They wash and dry easily and are dimensionally stable. They are resistant to bleaches, dilute acids, and alkalies, and to weathering and microbiological attack.


A plastic which in solid form is rigid, clear, and transparent often used as glazing in areas for additional safety as it does not shatter.
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As a result of our previous study, the 20% mass of industrial acrylic plastic scrap was reprocessable by high-energy disintegrator mills [10].
It is worth noting that acrylic plastic, while strong, is not as hard as glass and should be cleaned only with water or a suitable agent.
To avoid optical distortions caused by the bending of light as it passes from one medium to another, Weislogel also had to hunt for a liquid having the same refractive index as acrylic plastic.
My light is made mainly from MDF and acrylic plastic and was designed to be used by a wide audience as a reading light or to create an atmosphere in any environment," she said.
The chrome frame with interlocking cupboards and orange acrylic plastic panels allows you to mix and match the shelves or cupboards on to your own individual taste.
William Baxter did their experiments using a flat, acrylic plastic hopper containing a wedge of sand 1.
Tenders are invited for EOR to GGSSS, Pataudi house, Darya ganj, Delhi (School ID-2127020)(SH-Kota stone flooring in class rooms, vitrified flooring in home science lab and other rooms, Acrylic plastic sheet in Windows and repair of U.
The novel use of industrial materials--from acrylic plastic railing panels to rubber stair treads--reinforces the family-friendly approach.
Long panels of 1/4-inch-thick transparent acrylic plastic, set into grooves cut into the top and bottom rails, keep the view unobstructed while still ensuring safety.
Tenders are invited for Repairs of Door & Window & Providing Acrylic Plastic Sheet Whether Shed for Ashram School Building at Sari Tal.