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artificial fiber made from a special group of vinyl compounds, primarily acrylonitrile. Acrylic fibers are thermoplastic (i.e., soften when heated, reharden upon cooling), have low moisture regain, are low in density, and can be made into bulky fabrics. They wash and dry easily and are dimensionally stable. They are resistant to bleaches, dilute acids, and alkalies, and to weathering and microbiological attack.
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A plastic which in solid form is rigid, clear, and transparent often used as glazing in areas for additional safety as it does not shatter.
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"It's not your same old acrylic," said Angle Sanchez of the 10-year-old H Studios, in California, which sells the work of artist Shlomi Haziza.
* 4-ounce tube artist's acrylic (raw sienna or color of your choice)
These companies make everything from polishes, nippers, and acrylic nail-sculpting compounds to manicure tables, polish racks, and toeless pedicure socks.
The profoundly romantic, somewhat nostalgic mood of this exhibition was best exemplified by a small acrylic on hand-made paper.
With a planned investment of $660 million, the acrylic acid complex will be the first of its kind in Latin America, and the largest investment by the company in the region thus far, BASF claims.
In the lapping tests on smooth cedar (Figure 1, Table 1), the experimental acrylic EXP-1 in a 100 VOC stain was significantly better than the stain based on the conventional acrylic binders, even when the conventional acrylics were formulated at 250 VOC.
Durastrength 200 weatherable acrylic impact modifier for rigid PVC siding, profiles, and injection molding.
"Because acrylic is so durable, homeowners get the like-new feel of their bathroom every day and that leads to customer satisfaction that lasts, " says MAAX V.P.
Acrylic Polymers, IV is an investigation of all significant end uses for plastics, coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, water-soluble polymers, and lubricating oil additives.
Since its formation 25 years ago, the Rockaway, N.J.-based company has been building a comprehensive line of acrylic `glazing products for picture framing.
Two kinds of acrylic emulsions are used as binders in nonwovens manufacture - thermoplastic acrylics and self-crosslinking acrylics.

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