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Table 1-Primer designing by primer blast software System Primer sequence (5' -3') Forward outer primer (F1) 5'-CTTCCTCGGCCCTGAAATCAT -3' Reverse inner primer (R2) 5'-TGG TTG TCC TGG AAG TTC TGC-3' Forward inner primer (F3) 5'-GAGCAAGGTCCCTCTGCAT-3' Reverse outer primer (R4) 5'- CAT CTG TGC AGG GGG ACT3' System Allele [T.sub.m] Length Amplicon ([degrees]C) (bp) Forward outer primer (F1) -- 61.3 21 444 Reverse inner primer (R2) G 61.3 21 156 Forward inner primer (F3) T 59.5 19 327 Reverse outer primer (R4) -- 58.4 18 -- System GC % Forward outer primer (F1) 52.4 Reverse inner primer (R2) 52.4 Forward inner primer (F3) 57.9 Reverse outer primer (R4) 61.1 [T.sub.m]--Melting temperature, GC--Guanine-Cytosine Table 2--Demographic characteristics of participant.
The Food Safety Modernization Act3 (FSMA) has become the established food safety regulatory norm for domestic and foreign FDA-regulated companies manufacturing and/or selling food products consumed in the United States.
Box 2 VARIABLES: curr_RW_status, curr_RWL_status, aircrafts_in_airport, statusof INVARIANTS: inv1: curr_RW_status e RW_STATUS inv2: curr_RWL_status e RWL_STATUS inv3: curr_RW_status = unavailable => curr_RWL_status = ON inv4: aircrafts_in_airport [subset or equal to] AIRCRAFTS inv5: statusof [member of] aircrafts_in_airport [right arrow] STATUSES Box 3 INITIALIZATION BEGIN act1: curr_RW_status := available act2: curr_RWL_status := OFF act3: aircrafts_in_airport := 0 act4: statusof := 0 END Besides the initialization event, eight more events are introduced: Entering_Radar_Range, Entering_VOR, Start_Landing, Terminating_Landing, Takeoff_Preparing, Start_takingoff, Terminating_takingoff, and Airport_Departing.
The anneal temperature is 57[degrees]C, and primer sequences were described as follows: collagen II (forward-5'AAG TCC CTC AAC AAC CAG AT3' and reverse-5'CCA GTA GTC TCC ACT CTT CCA3'), collagen X (forward-5'GGC AAC AGC ATT ATG ACC C3' and reverse-5'GAT GAT GGC ACT CCC TGA A3'), Sox-9 (forward-5'GTA CCC GCA CTT GCA CAA C3' and reverse-5'TTC TTC ACC GAC TTC CTC C3'), aggrecan (forward-5'TAC AAA CGC AGA CTA CAG AAG C3' and reversed-5'AAA GCG ACA AGA AGA GGA CA3'), COMP (forward-5'CCC AGA AGA ACG ACG ACC AA3' and reverse-5'CCC TAT ACC ATC GCC ATC ACT3'), Prg4 (forward-5'TGA CGG CTA TGA TTA CTA TGC3' and reverse-5'AGT TGA CTC CTC CTT TGC TC3'), and GAPDH (forward-5'TGG CTA CAG CAA CAG GGT G3' and reverse-5'ATG GCA ACT GTG AGG AGG G3').
Ltd., China) were as follows: NLRP3 (Forward: 5'-AGA AGA GAC CAC GGC AGA AAG3', Reverse: 5'-CTT GGA ACC AGG TTG AGT GT-3'), caspase-1 (Forward: 57-TGG AAG GTA GGC AAG ACT3', Reverse: 5'-ATA GTG GGC ATC TGG GTC-3'), IL-Th (Forward: 5'-GTC TTT CCC GTG ACC TTC-3', Reverse: 5ATC TCG GAG CCT GTT AGT GC-3'), TGF-[beta]1 (Forward: 5'-CTG TCC AAA CTA AGG CTC GC-3', Reverse: 5'-AGA CAG CCA CTC AGG CGT AT-3'), and [beta]-actin (Forward: 5'-ACC TCT ATG CCA ACA CAG TG-3', Reverse: 5'-GGA CTC ATC GTA CTC CTG CT-3').
Passenger and airlines alike are enjoying a lot of differences between the new, 275,000sq ft (25,548[m.sup.2]) terminal, referred to as Air Capital Terminal 3 (ACT3), and the old facility, known as Air Capital Terminal 2 (ACT2), at the Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National Airport in the State of Kansas, USA.
Armstrong is the founder and president of ACT3 Network, a ministry for missional-ecumenism based in Chicago.
[1] Sydenham P H, Hancock N H and Thorn R, Introduction to Measurement Science and Engineering, John Wiley and Sons (1989).[2] Cook R D, Saulnier G J, Gisser D G, Goble J C, Newell J C and Isaacson D, ACT3: A high-speed, high-precision electrical impedance tomography, IEEE Trans.
Armstrong, the president of ACT3 and author of Your Church Is Too Small: Why Unity in Christ's Mission Is Vital to the Future of the Church (2010), addressed "The Emerging Face of Being One: Ecumenical Windows for Evangelicals." While he traced a certain isolationist tendency in Evangelicalism, he also stresses the fact that "evangelicals were deeply involved in ecumenism" until the formation of the World Council of Churches in 1948.
During the three individual activities (identified as act2, act3, and act4--actl being the collaborative experiment), we proposed several tasks for the participants to be done individually.