Acta Pilati

Acta Pilati (Acts of Pilate)

apocryphal account of Crucifixion. [Rom. Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 7]
See: Forgery
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The literary evidence addressed in Hourihane's book covers a diverse arc--from biblical (all four Gospels, Acts and Timothy), historical (Philo of Alexandria, Flavius Josephus, Cornelius Tacitus) and theological (Origen, Eusebius, Chrysostom) to apocryphal (especially the Gospel of Nicodemus or Acta Pilati), hagiographical (Legenda Aurea, Meditationes Vitae Christi) and the dramatic (La Vengeance de Nostre-Seigneur and other Passion Plays).
Jacobus de Voragine's Legenda Aurea and the Acta Pilati (from the Gospel of Nicodemus) had a considerable effect on the ways in which Pilate was cast in art.