activated carbon

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activated carbon

[′ak·tə‚vād·əd ′kär·bən]
A powdered, granular, or pelleted form of amorphous carbon characterized by very large surface area per unit volume because of an enormous number of fine pores. Also known as activated charcoal.

activated charcoal, activated carbon

Charcoal obtained by carbonizing organic material, usually in the absence of air; usually in granular or powdered form; highly effective in adsorbing odors in air or in removing colors in solution.
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In the case of adsorption of the metal ions by activated coal, Langmuir's model has the best adjustment ([R.
Such behavior has been registered (Table 4) for the biosorbent and for activated coal in the case of the metal ions under analysis.
Activated coals are porous carbon adsorbent with developed internal surface, consisting of open pores and capillary channels with the volume of 0.
Use of activated coal feed additive in case of disruption of protein-carbohydrate exchange in laying hens.

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